This Website

  • Source Code: github
  • Start/End: 12.2020 -> ongoing
  • Hours Logged: 200-300 hours

The website you are currently on. I am currently working on a REACT version that will work more seamlessly and load pages quicker.


Band Website

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScipt
  • Source Code: github
  • Start/End: 06.2022 -> ongoing
  • Hours Logged: 100-200 hours

A pretend website made for the band BROCKHAMPTON. There is a functioning store, about, and home page for you to learn more about the band and my thoughts on them.


Minecraft Server

  • Java, Spigot, MySQL
  • Source Code github
  • Start/End: 3.2020 -> ongoing
  • Hours Logged: 1500+ hours
  • Server IP:
  • Server Status: offline

Minecraft is a popular Java based video game. I make Java plugins for a Minecraft server that I host. I have a MySQL server that stores the player stats, leaderboards, achievements, etc. I taught myself how to do all of this via YouTube, documentation, and getting help on forums. The server is joinable via any Java edition Minecraft Launcher with the ip address above.