Computer Science

  • Java (proficient)
  • Python (intermediate)
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (intermediate)
  • REACT (basics)
  • Spigot Minecraft (intermediate)
  • SQL (basics)
  • C Language (basics)
  • Machine and Assembly Language (basics)
  • See the projects page to view related projects

Other Skills
  • GitHub Experience (intermediate)
  • Terminal/Linux Experience (intermediate)
  • See the school page to view relevant classes


What Sets Me Apart

Living with chronic pain/illness the last throughout my life has been both a challenge and learning experience that I've come to appreciate. The constant uphill battle with my health has taught me more about perserverance and motivation than any job or course at college.

I am open about this aspect of my life because I believe it makes me a stronger person that does not take anything for granted. I am constantly working to improve myself and the resilance I have garnered while doing so is what gives me an edge in any stressful environment. I think that you would find that I am a very patient and calculated person, who is wise beyond my years.